LokaLoka on April Issue of VOGUE UK

Don't we all have dreamed to see ourselves on the Vogue Cover? And do we not believe in the law of attraction? We do! And, this month's issue of British Vogue we have made our dream come true! 

Vogue UK has gathered on Style Insider Page a range of handpicked up and coming brands giving their readers a fresh roster of exclusive inspiration. A privilege not extended to many. Truly grateful.

Read on:

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PRE-ORDER: VANESSA Limited Edition

Yes! Our Vanessa is back this summer! What makes our initial line up for our SS18 collection Vanessa Limited Edition really special are the animal printed zippered inner pouch, being an animal lover that we are. The Custard, Brown, Navy and White Vanessa are given an extra touch by the upcycled striped straps which are commonly used as a camel racing harness and now a fashion statement.

Now accepting pre-orders for mid April 2018 release.  

E-mail us: monique@lokalokaboutique


Vanessa Custard/Orange Limited Edition


Vanessa Brown/Red Limited Edition


Vanessa Sapphire/Red Limited Edition


Vanessa White Limited Edition

How Instagram Paved The Way For LokaLoka To Be In Your Closets

Arabian Business writes:

The social media platform helped many a start-ups launch their brands sans hefty marketing budgets. Because it hosts over 500 million global users, social media app, Instagram has inevitably become home to hundreds of thousands of small businesses – including many in the UAE.

LokaLoka sells so-called “practical” bags for women who care more about the bag than the label. 

Translating to “crazy” in Latin, LokaLoka represents women who are crazy about their own personal style and aren’t defined by big-name brands or trends.

Its owner Monique Wilson said Instagram helped her find like-minded customers. 

“From grassroots to a small budding business it never ceases to amaze me how we manage to find like-minded souls everyday through merely sharing our daily grind on Instagram.”

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Do We All Miss Vanessa

Throwback to this wonderful feature by Lindsey a few years back when our Vanessa was creating quite a stir among the UAE moms' list of daily essentials. Humbly, this truly raked in some good reviews. Click the link below to know why.

And why the throwback? The ever dependable Vanessa will be back in our shelf very soon. Expect an improved and better version of the Vanessa we all have grown to love.

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In our quest to fully align with our core purpose we made sure we have the best alliance one vegan brand can have next to their name - PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). PETA is the largest animal rights organization in the world with more than 6.5 million members and supporters.

For the love and respect of animals this is our contribution in their preservation: educating people that animal skins need not be in their closets but instead in their natural habitat. And that leatherfree alternatives are equally fashionable, highly durable and never boring.

It’s an honour to be in the roster of PETA-approved vegan brands. Check their website: www.peta.org


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NOOBACK.COM for the ever-curious

In this day and age where digital dominates our existence we are always in search of websites, articles, bloggers where topics are of our interest. Continuous browsing has been our daily grind. We remain in constant thirst for information updates and upgrades. The same goes for business. We search for people, things, places and companies to collaborate with. And sometimes, luck just finds us.

We are truly pleased to be featured as one of Nooback's chosen 10 crueltyfree handbags of the season. Nooback.com is for the hip, savvy and ever-curious individuals. The website is full of modern day information enough to quench our daily thirst to keep us in-the-know of all that’s happening around the globe. Of course, fashion is one. Check them out.

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LokaLoka - Designer of the Month

Milk Concept Store Bahrain has been supportive of brands and aspiring designers in the region. And we are happy that we are able to serve our Bahraini ladies through their shop in Al Riyadat Mall. They have remained committed in reaching out to people through all effective media venues giving credit and exposure to all their designers. And such sweet September for LokaLoka as we have been chosen the designer of the month in their September Newsletter.


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LokaLoka' s purpose to serve the YOGA ladies in the hood

This came as a surprise when our totes were featured as an option amongst others when you are in the search for a mat-to-meeting-friendly-handbag. Such versatility!