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Do We All Miss Vanessa

Throwback to this wonderful feature by Lindsey a few years back when our Vanessa was creating quite a stir among the UAE moms' list of daily essentials. Humbly, this truly raked in some good reviews. Click the link below to know why.

And why the throwback? The ever dependable Vanessa will be back in our shelf very soon. Expect an improved and better version of the Vanessa we all have grown to love.

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In our quest to fully align with our core purpose we made sure we have the best alliance one vegan brand can have next to their name - PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). PETA is the largest animal rights organization in the world with more than 6.5 million members and supporters.

For the love and respect of animals this is our contribution in their preservation: educating people that animal skins need not be in their closets but instead in their natural habitat. And that leatherfree alternatives are equally fashionable, highly durable and never boring.

It’s an honour to be in the roster of PETA-approved vegan brands. Check their website: www.peta.org