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How Instagram Paved The Way For LokaLoka To Be In Your Closets

Arabian Business writes:

The social media platform helped many a start-ups launch their brands sans hefty marketing budgets. Because it hosts over 500 million global users, social media app, Instagram has inevitably become home to hundreds of thousands of small businesses – including many in the UAE.

LokaLoka sells so-called “practical” bags for women who care more about the bag than the label. 

Translating to “crazy” in Latin, LokaLoka represents women who are crazy about their own personal style and aren’t defined by big-name brands or trends.

Its owner Monique Wilson said Instagram helped her find like-minded customers. 

“From grassroots to a small budding business it never ceases to amaze me how we manage to find like-minded souls everyday through merely sharing our daily grind on Instagram.”